Our Services

We provide a broad spectrum of services to your facility. Our programs and services have been developed and refined by a company that specializes in correctional healthcare alone. We establish and maintain a network of healthcare providers for your facility to ensure the highest quality services for the inmate population. Our philosophy is to utilize onsite service wherever possible to mitigate security risk and reduce your costs associated with transportation and correctional officer overtime.

Laboratory Services

Southern Correctional Medicine provides laboratory services in which samples will be drawn in-house and transported by carrier for testing. Our on-site nurse obtains the sample and prepares it for on-site pick up by our lab, which minimizes patient transport. Common conditions requiring laboratory services include anticoagulant monitoring, anticonvulsant medication monitoring, and HIV.

Our in-house lab, Southeast Georgia Primary Care, has years of experience in correctional health laboratory services, and our outsource laboratory, LabCorp, is exceptionally fast and dependable.