Our Services

We provide a broad spectrum of services to your facility. Our programs and services have been developed and refined by a company that specializes in correctional healthcare alone. We establish and maintain a network of healthcare providers for your facility to ensure the highest quality services for the inmate population. Our philosophy is to utilize onsite service wherever possible to mitigate security risk and reduce your costs associated with transportation and correctional officer overtime.
Medical Records

Medical Records

Southern Correctional Medicine will provide all medical records, forms, jackets, and other materials necessary to maintain the medical records. SCM will maintain complete and accurate medical record for each inmate who receives health care services.

Each inmate’s medical file belongs to the county and is required to stay at the facility. SCM maintains patient’s medical file to include appropriate care and treatment given.

SCM will partner with each facility to supply the most appropriate medical records system available. We partner with facilities to implement transition from other records, or customize the chosen electronic medical record to fit your needs.

SCM provides scanning and fax capability for facilities. We will work with your information technology personnel to ensure coordination of equipment needs and installation.

SCM will provide computer assistance for facilities implementing new electronic medical records.