Southern Correctional Medicine’s leaders are industry experts, with years of experience managing both the clinical and financial aspects of correctional health care programs.

Our management team includes not only experienced corrections professionals, but also experts on finance, human resources, and clinical programs. We pay close attention to balancing the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of our team members, recruiting highly effective individuals from fields including hospital management, insurance, long-term care, academia, and of course, corrections. SCM also encourages our employees to become NCCHC certified.

Because our management team possesses such a wide range of practical experience, we can ensure that all aspects of our client’s health care programs are functioning at peak operational and lowest cost-efficiency levels.

Dr. Peter WrobelDr. Peter Wrobel

Dr. Wrobel has over 25 years of correctional medicine experience and over 30 years of emergency medicine and primary care experience. Dr. Wrobel serves as medical director, supervising all of our facilities, and oversees all medical staff. He takes pride in providing the highest quality of health care at a price counties can afford. He is a Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional (CCHP) and an expert in correctional medicine.

Kerrie Dawson

Chief Executive Officer, CCHP Certified

Pam Ansley

Chief Operating Officer, CCHP Certified

Jennifer Stone

Chief Nursing Officer, CCHP Certified

Cheryl Haas

Chief Compliance Officer, CCHP Certified

Kelly Thrift

Business Development Specialist

Amanda Thomas

Director of Human Resources